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Bugs!? feature request

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    BUG?: When copying a text from somewhere else and want to paste over to an element (mostly P tag). it doesn’t work. I click on Details at the top and choose the P tag to replace the text. the filed in opened popup window gets erased. I have to switch to other browser tabs and get back a few time to be able to paste by chance! (don’t want to open code editor and paste it there).

    FR: Please add a full with width slider. it’s not looking good now. (adjustable width and height).

    FR: Colorpicker would be very useful for elements that have Color selection.

    FR: For Testimonial elements adding an option to edit/add/delete multiple testimonials at the same time in details or content (instead of editing source) would be very useful as well.

    I will update this.

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    • Accordin FAQ section.
    • Image Slider options: resize image dimensions. padding and margin for EACH image INDIVIDUALLY. full width and choosable height of the slider. no round corners.
    • Adding flat elements. no image just colors like in you see many landing pages
    • Good fonts list. ability to choose for each text.
    • drag and drop adding images, icons, etc with dimension options to any element.
    • Countdown timer (adjustbale timer).
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    • italic, Bold, strike-line tags don’t work, selected text doesn’t get affected after clicking on them, in the content window.
    • please add line-height to text elements details window.
    • please add the ability to choose file name when saving the project, save-as dialog. now it always saves under a name, and I have to rename it manually each time.
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    Thank you for your suggestions and feedback, we will try to add them in a future update.

    Kind regards,


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