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Capture Name | Subscribe Confirmation

  • Hi

    I just started using your FLATPACK – Landing Pages Pack with MailChimp integration and got some questions.

    1st – MailChimp is sending a confirmation email before adding the subscriber to my list. Is there a way to add the subscriber right away?

    2nd – MailChimp is capturing email only. My landing page captures name and contact number. How can I make MailChimp capture all the details.

    3rd – I wanna embed Zoho CRM web form for better integration. Do you have instructions to do this?

    4th – How can I change the confirmation page? I don’t see instructions in the documentation.


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    1- The subscribers should be added directly to your list without the need for the double opt-in process, please send us your website information to check the issue.

    2- Please make sure that all the fields in the landing page have a name that match exactly the name of the field in your mailchimp list.

    3- Currently Zoho integration is not available in the item and adding it will need special customizations on the code.

    4- To edit one of the confirmation page switch the builder to the “content” mode then click on the submit button to open the popup, you can edit it normally in the builder after that, and don’t forget to close the popup after you finish editing it (by clicking on the close button from the “Content” mode).

    If you have any other questions we will be happy to help.

    Kind regards,

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