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Mailchimp form error

  • Hi,
    hi tried to sinc my mailchimp list in a mailchimp form from flatpack.
    It doesn’t work and it display this message:
    404: The requested resource could not be found.
    You can see the website

    Another question: Is the mailchimp id-list pubblic inside the html code? how i can hide it? If an user analize the html code from browser he can find the mailchimp id-list and this is no a good practice.

    thanks for help

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    Could you please send us your website FTP information to our email to check the issue.

    If you want to add the list id inside the php code without showing it inside the HTML page (adding it inside the HTML page will not cause any security issues) you can edit the file “/pix_mail/new_contact.php” and add list id in line 102 instead of $the_list, for example:
    sendMailChimp($user_Email, “LIST_ID_HERE”, $pix_extra, $language, $lang);

    Kind regards,

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