MEGAPACK Getting started

MEGAPACK is an html template for PixFort Builder. The new PixFort Page Builder represents the next generation of HTML website creation tools. It introduces a revolutionary new way to build your website without writing a single line of code, thanks to the intuitive grid system based page builder which provides the best experience to create premium class responsive websites.

PixFort Builder comes packed with MEGAPACK, the biggest template we have ever made, in addition to a powerful integration system with a set of the most popular email services that you already use and love. With PixFort builder we set a new standard for creating and publishing websites and applications.

How it works in 3 easy steps

Start building awesome pages by following these 3 easy steps. It won't take more than 5 minutes to start :)

  • Purchase a licence from themeforest DONE

    Each licence you purchase from themeforest is considered as a project in PixFort platform.

  • Create a PixFort account and synchronize it with Envato Market

    In order to use PixFort Builder you will need to create an account on PixFort platform (creating an account is totally free and easy).


    After creating your account you will need to synchronize your PixFort account with your account on Envato Market to verify your purchased licences. To synchronize your account with Envato Market just click on the green synchronization button that appears in your PixFort account after verifying your email.

  • Done! your licences are now verified

    Once you finish the synchronization of your account you can start creating PixFort projects :)


MEGAPACK template has everything you need to develop powerful landing pages. Check out some of features:

+30 Landing Pages

MegaPack includes +27 pixel perfect landing pages layouts with high conversion rate.

PixFort Builder

Each MegaPack licence comes with a premium access to PixFort builder.


MegaPack contains more than 250 different sections.

Clean Code

MegaPack is built using Bootstrap framework, so you will expect a clean and well organized code.


After purchasing MegaPack you will receive all future updates for free.


After building your pages you can download all HTML, css, javascript files and all images in a .zip file.

+14 Integrations

MegaPack comes with more than 10 email marketing integrations.

Form Builder

Build and customize your forms with our advanced drag & drop form builder.

Popup builder

Create custom popups using Popup builder without writing any code.

Upload via FTP

Upload your prjoect directly to your server using the FTP integration in PixFort Platform.

Menu Builder

You can create your site menu in minutes with drag & drop Menu Builder.

SEO Ready

Set your page's parameters directly from PixFort builder.

  • Fully responsvie templates
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • +30 Layouts
  • +270 Sections
  • +14 Email marketing services integrations New
  • Unlimited Colors & Unlimited Possibilities.
  • Developer friendly code
  • +1000 Font icons
  • Automatic Popups
  • +12 Popup layouts
  • Easy to customize images, content, colors
  • Parallax effect
  • Advanced CSS & HTML editor.
  • Email settings directly from PixFort Builder New
  • Quick preview New
  • Working Forms
  • Well documented
  • New Features and landing pages in future updates.
  • PixFort Page Builder New
  • Form Builder New
  • Popup Builder New
  • Menu Builder New
  • Advanced section settings
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Google fonts
  • Sticky header
  • Undo & redo
  • Advanced button customizer New
  • +100 Animation effects
  • Live text editor New
  • Color picker
  • Background overlay New
  • Padding & margin settings
  • Desktop/Tablet/Mobile modes in PixFort Builder
  • Video & Google map elements
  • Made by an Elite author

What's included

Once you download the template, you can see several folders. You can read description of some important files in the "HTML Files" folder.

  • HTML Files
    • css
      • fonts
        • MEGAPACK.eotMEGAPACK icons font
        • MEGAPACK.svgMEGAPACK icons font
        • MEGAPACK.ttfMEGAPACK icons font
        • MEGAPACK.woffMEGAPACK icons font
      • animations.cssOptional animations css file
      • animations.min.cssOptional animations css file (minified version)
      • bootstrap.cssMain bootstrap css file v3.3.6
      • font-awesome.min.cssFont Awesome 4.2.0 style file
      • font-style.cssMEGAPACK icons font style
      • jquery.fancybox.min.cssFancyBox Styling
      • main.cssMain MEGAPACK styling file
    • fontsglyphicons fonts
    • imagesAll included images
    • js
      • animations.jsanimation file (optional)
      • bootstrap.jsMain Bootstrap javascript file
      • custom.jsMain MEGAPACK javasript file
      • jquery-1.11.2.jsjQuery file
      • jquery-ui.jsMain MEGAPACK javasript file
      • scroll.jsSmooth scroling script
      • velocity.min.js
      • jquery.fancybox.min.js
      • velocity.ui.min.js
    • pix_mail
      • api_activecampaignActive Campaign API library
      • api_aweberAWeber API library
      • api_campaignCampaign Monitor API library
      • api_freshmailFresh Mail API library
      • api_getresponseGet Response API library
      • api_mailchimpMailchimp API library
      • api_mailerliteMailerLite API library
      • api_sendloopSendLoop API library
      • phpmailerSMTP library
      • config.phpmain configuration of the forms
      • cusmessages.phpTranslation file of the messages
      • new_contact.phpMain PixFort integration file
      • recaptchalib.phprecaptchalib Class
    • 01_original.html
    • 02_startup.html
    • 03_product.html
    • 04_saas.html
    • 05_real_estate.html
    • 06_agency.html
    • 07_showcase.html
    • 08_corporate.html
    • 09_business.html
    • 10_seo.html
    • 11_marketing.html
    • 12_shop.html
    • 13_medical.html
    • 14_creative.html
    • 15_sport.html
    • 16_app.html
    • 17_car_rental.html
    • 18_restaurant.html
    • 19_software.html
    • 20_elegant.html
    • 21_travel.html
    • 22_ebook.html
    • 23_event.html
    • 24_construction.html
    • 25_company.html
    • 26_deal.html
    • 27_hotel.html
    • 28_modern.html
    • 29_services.html
    • 30_studio.html

You can find the PSD mockups files in the folder "PSD Files" in addition to the Help file inside "Help File".

Visit our Help Center

For more information about using the item and PixFort platform, we recommend you to visit our Help Center where you can find an extensive library of articles and tutorials, you can also get support from our friendly team :)